From everyday errands to special occasions, Alfie learns your taste, does the research and gets things done so that you can focus on what really matters.

Everything you need is only one click away

Simply press the 'talk' button on the device, say your request and Alfie will take care of it.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Wherever you go, Alfie stays within reach. Use the compatible Kenmore Alfie app in order to view images and conversation history.

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Tap. Talk. Done.

You ask for it, Alfie gets it done.

THE PERFECT GIFT Describe the occasion and Alfie will provide recommendations and order the perfect gift.

SHOPPING ADVICE Whether it's a book, a suitcase, or a bike, Alfie tailors recommendations especially for you.

GROCERY DELIVERY From milk and coffee, to car parts and pet supplies. Schedule deliveries for all your favorite products.

A smarter way to shop

VOICE CONTROLLED Making a request, speak like you usually speak.

PERSONALIZATION Recommendations are tailored based on your taste and preferences.

TIME SAVING Alfie does the research, saving you time and energy.

HUMAN TOUCH Backed by real human intelligence, not just computer processing.